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Thames & Hudson, London. 2008
ISBN 978-0-500-51439-9

Organized along the lines of a travel log, this book is full of photos, fabric samples and watercolors. To make it, I carefully selected my destinations, giving priority to regions whose populations have preserved their traditional dress and textile know-how. In this way, whether travelling from North Vietnam to India, through Romania, Panama or Guatemala, I have had the privilege of meeting men and women of great elegance as well as immensely talented craftsmen.

Édition Française
Textiles & vêtements du monde :
Carnets de voyage d'une styliste
Editions de la Martinière 2010
ISBN 978-2732444260

Édition anglaise
Textiles : a world tour
Thames & Hudson, London. 2008
ISBN 978-0-500-51439-9

Édition japonaise
Shosu minzoku no senshoku bunka zukan :
Dentoteki na teshigoto moyo isho. 2012
ISBN 978-4-903530-58-1

Édition allemande
Stoffe, Farben, Kleider : eine Reise um die Welt
Frederking & Thaler Verlag GmbH, München. 2008
ISBN 978-3894057176